From the moment we Connected

These two were above anything a photographer could ever ask for, they were immediately kind, responsive, funny and so excited for their session and marriage together. I wanted to share their complete process of scheduling their engagement session and have included a video highlight of our first zoom call together. Please watch if you'd like to see some cats!

Planning their perfect session

These two had such an amazing story together, mason told of the moments they shared this past summer at one of their family members lake house. He expressed how excited he was to propose to Jenna, they both expressed how much they each loved the water, and sunsets on the lake. They would frequently venture out and watch the sunsets together. Hence why it only seemed appropriate to incorporate water and a sunset into their engagement session. After discussing a few potential locations and themes, we eventually decided on Lake Erie. Side note: Lake Erie doesn't always get the best rep, compared to some of the other Great Lakes. Having said that, I want to thank Jenna & Mason for believing in their ability to create an amazing experience on the beach of Lake Erie.

Mason & Jenna continued to explain how relaxed and free willed the two were together, they enjoyed the simple things like a movie night or just watching the sunset. I recommended that we design a session that no different than who they are, and suggested packing a picnic and some wine to enjoy on the beach. Wow - did Jenna bring everything we needed to make it happen. I'll say it again, I was and am so impressed by how much involvement these two put into their session. I as a the photographer will guide and help you along the way, but ultimately, it's a collaborative effort and we need all hands in!

Toledo engagement Photographer
Toledo engagement Photographer
Toledo engagement Photographer

The Blanket

Every picnic needs a good blanket to sit on, much the same, every beach day comes with a much needed blanket. What is so special about the blanket that Jenna & Mason brought is the importance behind it and who's blanket it came from. This Blanket was Jenna's 94 year old grandmas. (Jenna, please correct me if I am wrong on her age). None the less, something noble about this and the great things Jenna had to share about her grandma, and the drive that her grandma has to live and be strong. You could tell the positive impact that she has had on Jenna and it was truly amazing to include this in their session.

Their Story

Jenna & Mason met a couple years ago at a party, from my understanding, Jenna caught sight of Mason and didn't let go after that. If you met Jenna, she's very energetic, fun, hard loving and committed to others, especially Mason. Mason too though, maybe not as energetic, and maybe not as "wild', (Wild = Good thing), he's equally caring and loving and understandably a great match for Jenna.

Although they have not been together for a decade like some couples, they knew what they wanted and started planning for the future together.

The Proposal

Mason expressed how he longed to create an intimate proposal for Jenna. Like I mentioned above, these two loved the water and sunset. Mason went on to say how he had planned to propose on the dock of his families lake house after taking Jenna out for a nice dinner. He explained his reasoning for not proposing at or during dinner was an attempt to throw her off. Later that night, Mason asked Jenna to go and watch the sunset with him. She was in the process of ripping off her nails, or something like that, and mason said no, "you can't do that", "just come watch the sunset with me". If I was Jenna, I probably would have sensed something was coming. As they watched the sunset, Mason proposed to Jenna, Jenna immediately began to cry and the rest is history. The spent the new few months enjoying being engaged together and prepping for their engagement session which I was so humbled to photograph.

Toledo engagement Photographer
Toledo engagement Photographer
Toledo engagement Photographer

Their session

After arriving to Luna Pier Beach, we began by setting up the blanket and food / Beverages. I always like to start the sessions by talking and getting to know each other more. Sometimes, I find myself so interested in the couple that I forget to photograph them. All joking aside, I love my sessions and the relaxed / comforting feelings they bring. I encourage my couples to be themselves and help guide them a long the session. I understand what it feels like to be posed in awkward positions and no communication between photographer and couples. This is far from anything that you will experience when scheduling an adventure with Green Eye.

Expect to travel freely through your session, creating and doing things naturally. This was no different for Jenna & Mason's session. We spent our time eating, drinking wine, watching the sunset, splashing in the water, walking in the sand, laughing together and enjoying the evening.

Getting in the water


Jenna & Mason were so fun to throw in the water, you can literally see the joy on their faces as they splashed around, chased each other and fully embraced the moment. So much, I wanted to put the camera down and get in too! At first, I saw a little hesitation from Mason to start submerging in the water, it didn't last long thought as Jenna encouraged him and began to climb on his back and try to take him down. Plus, look at how these turned out. So excited that we were able to design a session that fit them so well.

Happy happy

I am so grateful to have worked with these two, and can not wait to see what the future holds. Jenna is currently going to school for nursing and Mason is currently an accountant. You guys are the essence of what love and relationships look like. I respect and appreciate your commitment to each other!

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Their Reactions

WOW - I was so excited to deliver Jenna & Mason's photos back to them. I personally like to meetup or zoom call and deliver your photos back to you. During this call, we can relive your session and take some time to further explain how easy it is to share and download your photos. The joy and excitement is beyond anything I could ever ask for! Here is just a few minutes of Jenna & Masons reactions to their photos and their experience during their session. I am so excited to photograph their wedding next year!