Lets be honest

Things are changing in the world, which means things are changing in the wedding industry. I am empathetic to you if you're a newly engaged couple reading this right now and might be feeling a little uneasy about what your future wedding will look like. Fret not! I wanted to write this blog for you, and give you reassurance that there are many ways to get married, which in the end, leads to you getting married. At the end of the day, the road there might be different but you'll reach your destination! Read this blog to learn more about our predictions for weddings in 2021!

01 Weekday Weddings

So let's be honest, 2021 is swamped with weddings that moved from 2020, not to mention the weddings already planned for 2021 or new weddings being planned as we speak. So where does that leave the market, well, many vendors are struggling to accommodate your requested date due to increased demands. Traditionally, Weekends are highly requested dates but seeing that there are only 52 weekends in a year and demand is high, couples have begun to plan their wedding on weekdays to avoid lack of availability from their vendors! You can expect to receive better rate opportunities for weddings hosted on a weekday.


02 Winter Weddings

It's January 28th of 2021 as I write this blog, which means we are officially one month into 2021 and one month closer to your wedding if you already have it planned. What if you don't have your wedding planned and you want to get married in 2021, or you're starting to plan for other years. If you want 2021, I expect that many dates in 2021 have already been booked up. Spring, Summer and Fall are coming quickly! However, the start of winter does not come for another 10 months or so, this means there is still time to have your wedding in 2021, you might just have to push it into October, November or December! Winter time can be a great time to get married, off season for vendors which can mean better rates for you. It's less hot, which means you won't be sweating through your suit or dying in your dress. Plus winter weddings simply look BADASS!


03 Micro Weddings

Ok - So you wanted 500 guests at your wedding, was that you? Ok, if it is, I am so empathetic to you, I know how you feel feeling suppressed by the state of our world. It saddens me knowing you may not have everyone there that you know! But, here's the catch! Micro weddings, most commonly known as a wedding with less than 50 guests. Small to some, larger to others. But it's the benefits of a Micro wedding that make them so attractive.

  1. Focus more on those who are coming
  2. Get more personal and intentional withe the vibe and feel of your day
  3. SAVE Money - Less people = smaller venue, less meals, less travel, etc
  4. Invest in areas that are more important to you - Desired vendors, honeymoon, etc
  5. Avoid unnecessary drama with smaller group

04 Backyard Weddings

Ok - but seriously, back yard weddings are awesome! Set up as earlier as you want, take down as late as you want, decorate however you want, cater food however you want, acquire beverages however you want and crash right where you are after partying with friends and family. Not for you? I get it, I personally don't want a backyard wedding but there are plenty of reasons to have one! And maybe this is a last resort to avoid restrictions at your venue. Do I recommend this? Not necessarily, but know backyard weddings can have your back and done up lavishly to deliver your dream vision!


05 DIY Beauty

Pressed to find a team of Makeup/Hair artists? Don't know what to do? Many brides and bridesmaids have opted to experiment doing their own beauty look for the wedding day. As this can be an intimidating on taking, we recommend practicing months prior to your wedding day and ensuring that you're confident enough to pull off the look on your day. We suggest hiring a team if you can, this limits expectations of you on your wedding day and allows you to relax and cherish in each moment. Let the pros do it, if you can, but you're not alone if you don't!


06 Pod Seating

Chances are, your venue will suggest and possibly require you and your guests to continue to socially distance. Sure, this sounds petty party pooper. Bear with me, I know it sucks and maybe it means you can't have as many guests overall but one thing you do have is adequate space between tables now. This allows you to be very strategic about where you place people and might have even shortened your list, making it even easier to place your guests.


07 Live Streamed Weddings

You're probably grunting a little bit at this point, especially if you've always wanted a SUPER large wedding. You're probably thinking who in the hell wants to watch my wedding streamed online? Actually, many people, the same people who you might have cut to allow yourself the opportunity to have a micro wedding. Live streaming serves a few great purposes, aside from streaming it to those who couldn't make it, you're also creating another memory with this live stream being recorded and available for playback. Although it'll never quite match up to the value of a videographer present on your day. Don't completely dismiss Live streaming as an option for your wedding, many venues are starting to offer it as well as your other vendors.


08 Decor

Decorations continues to be important into 2021, but we predict decor will evolve and designed to be more sophisticated and simple. Plants, arches, greenery, white, clean pallets with simple arrangement.


09 Lot's and Lot's of Humor

2020 sucked - Ok, it didn't completely suck but it sure had it's ups and downs. We predict 2021 weddings will include more humor and remove the serious tones that some weddings had in the past. We have yet to personally witness it, but we predict a variety of new entertainment begin to enter into 2021 weddings. In the past, traditional dance floors have opened up with the Dj running the party! We expect this to continue with the addition to acts from comedians, performers, bands, etc.


10 Throw it All Together and Just Do the Damn Thing

We believe this is the sentiment coming with 2021 couples! They are the couples defined by resilience, strong love and determination to have an amazing wedding. They overcome every challenge because it's necessary! As I said before, this is your day, do it your damn way and have a blast doing it!


Thanks for Reading

I hope you enjoyed reading our 10 predictions for 2021 weddings and hope you find comfort moving forward! Thanks to Amanda & Adam for being featured in this blog, they did amazing during their engagement session and it was well worth the wait to get snow so we could photograph these. Also, thanks to their pup Roman and horse Buck!