I am Noah, a Toledo, Ohio wedding photographer, an adventurist and passionate creative... Plus a dog dad, food lover, gym rat, coffee drinker & a ton of other things I neglected to mention because I don't want to bore you.

Photography is my outlet to do what I love, working with amazing people, getting lost in this world we call home and forming lifelong relationships! What more could I possibly ask for!?

Call it corny but...

I believe it's no coincidence that you discovered my page, which is why I am excited you are reading this right now & giving us the opportunity to connect. Forget me, I want to hear more about you! If you're ready to share more with me, head over to the contact page, but if you're not, that's ok! Feel free to keep reading about me below!

I am not just your...

photographer, hired to merely take photos of you and deliver them back without much else, (Please note, this is totally fine if that's what you're looking for, but that's not what you'll get when working with me). When you choose Green Eye Photography, you're investing in "YOU", 'you' only get married once so you deserve an amazing, stress free wedding experience with a photographer who stands by your side and can be there when you need them most.

Dog Dad

Oliver was adopted at the Toledo Humane Society in the winter of 2021, and has been a blessing in my life. He has taught me was more about this life than I could ever teach him. He absolutely loves adventure, people, other dogs and playing in the snow! He's an aggressive chewer so he loves his hard bones and has a soft spot for peanut butter, but who doesn't!? We love to both go on long hikes or kick back on a patio in the summer.

Things I LOVE to do

Working out

In high school, I played soccer and it was the only sport I was committed to. After High school, I left soccer aside and took a greater interest in health and fitness. I currently workout 4-5 days a week at my local gym where I have made some great friendships and achieved some amazing fitness goals.


I LOVE cooking. Who is totally disagreeing with me as they read this, (Jokes aside)? From an early age, I was always fascinated with food and experiences. Food to me isn't something that just curbs hunger and keeps you alive. Food to me is an art form and a way to express myself and use it to show my love to others.


OK, if this isn't obvious. I don't know what is? I love gaining new experiences and perspectives through my travels. Some of my favorite places have been the UP, California, Texas, Utah and parts of Colombia! I am always itching to get back out on the road.

Coffee dates

Who loves coffee? I DO! Nothing beats drinking coffee and meeting with friends, family, colleagues, and your loved ones at your favorite local coffee house. And nothing beats exploring new coffee shops when traveling. Some of my favorite local shops are Rustbelt & Brewhouse. I usually stick with a black pour over or an iced latte with oat milk!

Let's be real, how many weddings have you been to when the photography was uptight and everyone was just eager to get back to the party bus for drinks? I know what that feels like... I am that guy who will embrace the party with you and make sure you still get all of those important photographs! (And obviously all those crazy unexpected ones in between). Let's face it, if we aren't already good friends before your wedding, we definitely will be after! We take the worry out of photography by delivering the Green Eye Photography experience to you, custom and crafted exactly the way you want for your wedding day. We do this by traveling through the entire journey by your side!

The only thing I ask of you: Bring your 100% self! Look the way you look, dress the way you dress, laugh the way you laugh, joke the way joke, have fun the way you have fun. If you have a fur babies, bring them! Do you want to escape to somewhere far? Let's do it! Do you want to sail out on a boat during sunset? Count me in! You look your best when you are your true self! I am inspired by my clients are their natural beauty everyday and so you deserve to feel inspired too!


"I would recommend Green Eye Photography to any couple and will continue to do so! Noah’s level of professionalism and love for his art is astounding and like no other!! He has great attention to detail and made my husband and I’s day that much more special! At one point in the day he told me to find my moment and live in that, it was the perfect advice for this high strung bride who was worried about all the details! This single detail helped me to just let things go and enjoy my day that much more! I have had so many wedding guests say how they can’t wait to see our photos because they could just see how amazing he was doing!! Noah you are the best and we feel so blessed to have worked with an amazing artist such as yourself! Thank you a million times over!!"

-Caitlin & Jason

"The owner Noah did such an amazing job at capturing in the moment photos with me and my girlfriend. He made us feel so comfortable and gave us direction when we needed it, he made us feel natural. I would recommend Green Eye Photography for any and everyone! When he delivered the photos, I was at a loss of words and my girlfriend was brought to tears. 5 out of 5 stars is an understatement, what he gave us is unmeasurable!"

-Jacob & Arrias

"Noah is absolutely fantastic! I was looking for a photographer that would capture our special day in a way that we could look back on the photos and relive the day. Noah did just that! He took the time to get to know my husband and I and talked with us about how we would like our day to go and what our must haves are. He helped me recreate a very special picture that my mother had with her mother and it means so much to me! He was much more than a photographer at our wedding, he was an essential part in our special day. He goes above and beyond to help out in any way, not just there for photos. I sincerely appreciate the time, energy, and passion that he put into his work. I can’t recommend him enough."

-Megan & Sam

"Our experience with Green Eye Photography was exceptional! Noah did a fantastic job at making our engagement session fun, easy, and unique to us. Our photos are remarkable, and far from a lot of the cookie-cutter engagement photos often seen. Additionally, Green Eye Photography was responsive, transparent, and invested in both the success of our shoot and our upcoming wedding! I cannot recommend Green Eye Photography enough!"

-Hannah & Steve

"If anyone is ever looking for a photographer - we absolutely LOVED working with Noah from Green Eye Photography on our wedding day!"

-Sydney & Tom

"Noah has changed the game of photography, in my point of view. He truly captures the moments we all wish we had snapped ourselves... he allowed my fiancé and I to live in the moment and capture who we truly are as individuals and as an engaged couple. Not only did he capture us perfectly but got to know us on a personal level. He learned about all the different aspects that have played into us being a couple and our background, which I think is so special and so wholesome. Thank you once again, Noah! We cannot wait for our next adventure."

-Jenna & Mason